Mr. Mohammad Mustafa Mastoor was introduced as acting minister of the Ministry of Economy

12 August 2017

Mohammad Mustafa Mastoor is today appointed as acting minister of the Ministry of Economy by Excellency Mr. Sarwar Danesh Second Deputy President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Excellency Mohammad Khan, First Deputy Executive Director of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

In the ceremony at the Ministry of Economy Hall, the distinguished members of the cabinet, Deputy Ministers, honorable members of the National Assembly, employees of the Ministry of Economy and other government employees and non-governmental organizations participated.

First of all, Second Vice-President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan spoke and congratulated the honorable Minister Mohammad Mustafa Mastoor on behalf of the Ministry of Economy and the nominee of the minister of this ministry. He also thanked the well-known minister of the economy Abdul Sattar Murad because of his achievements. Later, Mohammad Khan, the first vice president of the executive directore of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, spoke and congratulated Honorable Mohammad Mustafa Mastoor and wished them success in their affairs. In the following, Abdul Sattar Murad, the former Minister of Economy, spoke and wished Mr. Mohammad Mustafa Mastoor success and expressed readiness to cooperate with him.

At the end, Honorable Mohammad Mustafa Mastoor thanked the Trust of the leadership of the National Unity Government and expressed his priorities and plans in line with the general government's view.
In his speech, Sustainable Economic Growth is considered a key factor for economic development and will work to strengthen the technical capacity of the Ministry.

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