certificate disturibation

Ceremony of distribution of new registered National and international NGOs` license.

10 September 2017News

During the ceremony, a total of 41 licenses for the activities of National NGOs and 1 license for the activities of the International NGO were officially handed over to the authorities of these Organizations. Readmore

new minister

Mr. Mohammad Mustafa Mastoor was introduced as acting minister of the Ministry of Economy

12 August 2017News

Mohammad Mustafa Mastoor is today appointed as acting minister of the Ministry of Economy by Excellency Mr. Sarwar Danesh Second Deputy President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Readmore

MEC meeting

Minister of Economy presented the ministry's program of transparency and accountability in the presence of Medias

10 May 2017News

MEC meetingMr. Abdul Sattar Murad, at a press conference with the honorable friend of Sara Sharif, the head of the Parliamentary Coalition Against Corruption Readmore

The first focal point meetings with ten budgetary units and three UN agencies

29 November 2016News

The first focal point meetings with ten budgetary units and three UN agencies was conducted on July 17th, 2016 in conference hall of the Ministry of Economy. Readmore

Reports and Information Resources

  • Complete Report on the Activities of NGOs in 2018

    18 January 2018

    MoEc is willing to launch the report of NGOs for the year 2018 that includes the expenditure and activities of NGOs all over Afghanistan. The main purpose of this report is to show Transparency, Accountability and providing information to the Government, Local people and Donors.

  • National and International NGOs List

    17 January 2018

    You can download all the National and International NGOs list in this page.

  • Summary of Activities and Achievements

    10 May 2017

    The main purpose of this report is to show the real picture of the activities of NGOs and development activities of those National and International NGOs which have submitted their reports to MoEc in 2015.

About Us

National and international NGOs were rarely active in Afghanistan before 1370s, as an example we can only mention CARE, Asia foundation and International Assistance Mission. There was also no institution for NGOs activities coordination. NGOs began working in Afghanistan in coordination with the ministry of foreign affairs before 1370s. NGOs were mainly active at the refugee camps in Pakistan and Iran during 1380s.


What kind of institutions are NGOs?

Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) are voluntary in nature which operates as non-profitable, non-political institution for the social welfare and development of communities.

Difference between NGOs and profitable organizations (companies)

NGOs as non-profit organizations are established by volunteer, like-minded people who will work regardless of the material interests do social and cultural activities for public utility.

Law on Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

This law is enacted for the purpose of regulating the activities of domestic and foreign non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Afghanistan.

Coordinating Organizations

Directorate of the NGO Coordination – Ministry of Economy has been the only place of registration for non-government organization in the country; moreover, four of the organizations have been selected as coordination bodies.

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