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Based on the clarification given in the NGOs law, it has been defined that NGOs are non-government, non-political and non-profitable organizations which delivers humanitarian services in terms of   civil society support, rights of citizens, advocacy and good governance.

National and international NGOs were rarely active in Afghanistan before 1370s, as an example we can only mention CARE, Asia foundation and International Assistance Mission. There was also no institution for NGOs activities coordination. NGOs began working in Afghanistan in coordination with the ministry of foreign affairs before 1370s. NGOs were mainly active at the refugee camps in Pakistan and Iran during 1380s.

To some extent the NGOs activities moved to Afghanistan after 1371. ACBAR has facilitated NGOs registration through ministry of foreign affairs and the planning ministry of the time (presently ministry of economy). A small unit was established for NGOs registration within directorate of external affairs of the ministry of planning.

Todai as the first international NGO from Japan and Afghanistan Blinds Organization as first national NGO got registered with the ministry of planning.

After few year Directorate for NGOs activities coordination was formed within the structure of the ministry of planning. In the year 1384 (June 2005) the activities of NGOs extended to cover other areas to such as reconstruction, education and health in addition to humanitarian works for services delivery and NGOs law was passed and placed into practice through presidential decree.  Article No.4 of the mentioned law states that the ministry of economy is the only government institution for coordination, monitoring and evaluation of NGOs activities in Afghanistan. In light of the stated law NGOs are responsible to present their activities reports to directorate of NGOs.

The mentioned directorate is composed of the following sub directorates:
1.    Registration of national and international NGOs.
2.    Monitoring and evaluation of all NGOs
3.    Unification and coordination of NGOs activities